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Mailing Address:
Michigan Emergency Management Association
110 W. Michigan Ave., Suite 200
Lansing, MI 48933

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MEMA Board of Directors





Threse Cremonte


1-800-924-4541 x501

Frank Post

First Vice President 

1-800-924-4541 x502

Elizabeth Reimink

Second Vice President

1-800-924-4541 x503

Erin Yingst


1-800-924-4541 x506

Jerry McCoy


1-800-924-4541 x505

Scott Corbin

Legislative Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x507

Gregg Bird


1-800-924-4541 x508

David Oslund

District 1 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x509

Mark Hammond

District 2S Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x510

Thomas Hardesty

District 2N Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x511

Scott Rice

District 3 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x512

Jim Yarger

District 5 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x513


District 6 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x514

Vance Bates

District 7 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x515

Teresa Schwalbach

District 8 Liaison

1-800-924-4541 x516

Greg Williams

Executive Director

1-800-924-4541 x517

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